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Illustration and Design blog by Annelise Capossela. Annelise is an Illustrator working and living in NYC.

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Finished this piece finally after revamping my coloring technique.  I’m very happy to get back to my funky color worlds.

Coloring practice #artistsofig #drawing #illustration

New personal piece! Been practicing applying narratives to patterns and loving it.  Also tried to take my coloring to a new level with this one.  Hope y’all like.  

Work in Progress
A bit of in process pattern illustration before I go into coloring

A little late but… bye holidays!!

Marry Crhi

Commissioned painting for a bouncing lil baby-to-be, Michael.  Painting adorable things is pretty much a blast.


creeper. unearthed this old color sketch.  


More Than One Way to Skin a Cat

Super cool news as I was lucky enough to get to contribute some textile designs to NYC-based clothing line Unruly Heir’s latest collection. Check them out here  

These are a few rough images from their shoot, along with the original designs.  

Invitation to an adorable one year old’s birthday party : )

The little guy all complete! Excited to make more. Check out my process

I was excited when I was asked about a very old project -  a maquette sculpture of a “Vidiot”- rotting video game nerd.  The old guy was in frail shape and not ready for a new adventure, so I made the guy over, and this time new-and-improved.  The process was simple: wire, aluminum foil, tape, sculpey, bake, paint.  Hoping to do more ASAP! Maybe I’ll get into some toy design? Hmmmm?????

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